Intended audience: distribution maintainers.

The following pages describe how to create tar archives of GNAT.

Why TAR?

Not every operating-system has a package or installation manager available which is readily available. But one can allways get a tar or zip tool to package distributions.


First step is to download the build-scripts.

  1. You can checkout them from the Subversion Archive. The module you need is trunk/tar and trunk/rpm. You need the rpm specs as the tar build scripts are automaticly generated from them.

The following description is based on the assumption that you did the checkout to /work/gnuada/tar and /work/gnuada/rpm.

Do the compile

Go to the directory /work/gnuada/tar/build and do a make all. This should generate all the build scripts which we currently can convert from rpm specification.

The filenames indicate the programm which they create. The scripts expect the source-tarballs to be downloaded and made available either in /work/gnuada/tar/SOURCE or in /work/gnuada/rpm/SOURCE and create the binary-tarballs in /work/gnuada/tar/TARS.

One easy way to compile GNAT is

 make gcc

which will call the freshly generated script with the appropiate paramaters.


You can find more informations on how to compile the GNAT compiler at http://ada.krischik.com/index.php/Articles/HomePage.

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