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The 32 bit architecture consists of quite a lot of sub-architectures, namely i386, i586, i686, pentium3 and pentium4. This might mean that you intentionally or unintentionally perform a cross compile.

CPU tweaking

In order to tweak the cpu so you create the exact system you want to create you need to have a look at the following files:

/usr/lib/rpm/macrosthis is where the _host_*, _build_* and _target_* variables are set.
/usr/lib/rpm/rpmrcsets parameter for rpm - like which cpu's are compatible
~/.rpmmacroscan be used to overwrite some of the varibles set in /usr/lib/rpm/macros
~/.rpmrccan be used to overwrite some of the varibles set in /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc
/etc/rpm/platformContains one line with the default target to created by the rpm build process.
gcc -dumpmachineShow the default target created by the compiler
../SCRIPTS/Install_Common.shSets the target we which to create by analysing the former two.
.../SPECS/*.makSpecial Make files for various targets. Most include .../SPECS/Makefile as well
.../SPECS/MacrosContains Demo files used to tweak the rpm settings.

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