Wiki Word

Definition and use as Page Titles

WikiWord是由兩個以上、單字間不含空白、且字首皆為大寫的英文單字,連在一起組合而成。這種拼字法有時候又稱為大小寫混合字(mixed case)或駱駝字(camel case)。在維基網頁中WikiWords就是每一頁的頁面名稱(page titles)。

Use as links

In some wikis, you can string any sequence of words together, capitalizing the first letter of each word, to make a valid WikiWord link. In such PmWiki installations, WikiWords surrounded by [=...=] or preceded by a backquote (`) are not turned into links, LikeThis.

See Links for information about PmWiki's rules for forming links and forming page titles.

Other descriptions of WikiWords are available from Wiki:WikiWord and Wikipedia:WikiWord.

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