Intended audience: developers and distribution maintainers.

This script acts as a front end to the GNAT compiler in the case where you don't want to install GNAT over an existing compiler (perhaps your main compiler is Apple's gcc-4.0.1, which doesn't support Ada), and/or where you have more than one GNAT version installed.

Certainly on Linux, binary GNAT distributions (with the honorable exception of those from AdaCore) can often only be installed in standard places unless you use a script, built when the distribution is installed if you're lucky, to set up the necessary environment variables. Even then, you may have trouble getting the correct version of gcc for your C and C++ compilations (never mind Fortran).

gnatfe replaces that script.

After you've installed the software in a place early in your path but without any existing GCC or GNAT components (the default is /usr/local/bin), commands such as gnatls, gprmake will run in the place selected by gnatfe. Additionally, new commands gnataddr2line, gnatgcc, gnatgcov and gnatgdb run addr2line, gcc, gcov and gdb respectively.

If your default is to pick up GNAT from /opt/gnat-gpl-2006, you can override this by setting GNAT_PREFIX: for example,

 GNAT_PREFIX=/opt/gnat-gpl-2007 gnatmake foo.adb

Included in the package, available to download or from Subversion, are two scripts:

  • The main script gnatfe
  • The installation script install

Both these scripts need to be checked before use! They include configuration variables to say where the actual GNAT installation is and where you want the front-ends to be.

The script won't work to build GCC itself (the problem is the use of backslash-quoted characters: -Dfoo="\" a b c \""). Instead, set PATH so that your host compiler is first in the path.

This program is issued under the GNU Public License .

Ada programming, © 2005,2006 the Authors, Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License.