Intended audience: developers and distribution maintainers.

Download: HPUX, MacOS 9, MS-Dos, OpenVMS, OS/2, Redhat, Solaris, Windows NT.

This is the historic GNAT for legacy operating systems for which no maintainer for a newer GNAT versions have come forward.

The latest GNAT/P version is 3.15 which is based on - but was not part of - the GNU Compiler Collection version 2.8.1.

After version 3.15, GNAT was merged into the FSF GCC source repository and all higher versions are therefore GNAT/GCC.

All GNAT/P versions are licensed under the GPL for the core compiler and the GMGPL for the runtime library. They support the Ada 95 standard and generally do not have any Ada 2005 features available.

Ada programming, © 2005,2006 the Authors, Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License.