Intended audience: developers and distribution maintainers.

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The original GNAT/GPL is available from AdaCore. Sadly AdaCore provides GNAT/GPL only for operating systems which AdaCore considers "hobbyist use" which amounts to:

  • 32bit x86 Linux glibc2.3
  • 32bit x86 MS-Windows 2000, XP
  • PowerPC & x86 Mac OS X (Panther, Tiger and Leopard)

This is nothing compared to the 15 native and 16 cross-compile systems for which GNAT/Pro is available.

Note: The packages provided here are recompilations from the GNAT/GPL sources for which AdaCore might not give any support. You might want to check if the original from AdaCore does not meet your needs.

While versions built from the GNAT/GPL edition are likely to be the most stable, one should be aware that the compiler as well as the entire runtime are licensed under the GNU Public License (V2). This is different from the GNAT/GCC edition and GNAT/3 editions where the compiler was released under the GPL but the run-time had the GMGPL special exception.

This essentially means that if you distribute binaries created with the GNAT/GPL edition, you must do so under the terms of the GPL (which, in short (and among other things), requires that you provide the source code for everything included in the binary to anyone that you provide the binary to. Further, you can place no additional restrictions on what people do with the source code you provide them.

This is obviously not always an acceptable condition for everyone (and may be impossible depending on what else you need to link into your executable).

This warning is not intended to provide legal advice but it is intended to get you thinking enough that you consult proper council if you have any questions.

Ada programming, © 2005,2006 the Authors, Content is available under GNU Free Documentation License.