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One topic that used to come up years ago was a concern about whether or not Ada was capable of delivering the kind of high performance that is needed in some areas of computing. While there tends to be less concern about this topic as people have gotten used to higher order languages and as computers have gotten faster, it still is a an important topic.

There was a "standard" benchmark maintained through the early 1990s called the Performance Issues Working Group (PIWG) Test suite. The idea was that a standard benchmark could be used to evaluate multiple compilers. The benchmarks have not been updated in a long time and are somewhat obsolete as they do not test all of the language features of modern Ada.

This page will be the launching point for all performance related tips and test results that are maintained by the GNU Ada project. Note that any of the issues that get resolved/confirmed in the third party bug databases will also be linked from the 3rd Party Bugs page.

Specific Performance Issues

General Performance Tips

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