MS-Windows Cygwin Installation

Intended audience: developers.

Download: ConfigGCC i386Tools i386.

Currently we support Cygwin via rpm. This is unusual in the sense that Cygwin packages normally are just tar.gz packages. But rpm has one distinct advantage: We can reuse the build specs and build scripts from Linux. This saves us time and gives you quicker access to the latest releases.

The installation itself is pretty simple:

  1. Install rpm with the standard cygwin installer
  2. call rpm --initdb to create an empty rpm database (You do this only once of course).
  3. Download the packages you would like to install.
  4. Open a shell and call rpm --install --hash --nodeps with the packages to install. (You need --nodeps since you only have an empty rpm database) You can install multiple packages in one go.

Please note that the Cygwin version of GNAT is not as complete as a standard Linux version. It will even fail some of the ACATS tests. See /opt/gnat/gcc/CHECK to see which tests failed and if they are relevant to you.

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